About Quantus

We are an integrated cost and project management firm based out of Vancouver, BC. Our firm employs Professional Quantity Surveyors and experienced Senior Consultants to provide the highest quality cost and management services to our clients. By ensuring the maximum value for money on their projects, we enable our clients to stimulate their growth.

Quantus transcends industry norms by streamlining techniques allowing information to be utilized most effectively. From a projects inception, we seek to maintain a transparent atmosphere with all stakeholders involved. We pride ourselves on making sure our clients have a proper understanding of the process throughout the entire life cycle of a project. We understand the importance of trust in a working relationship and know that a transparent environment will provide this.

“Begin with the end in mind.”

Our Approach

Our proactive approach controls costs and mitigates issues from inception to completion of each project regardless of scale or complexity. Whether we are adding value to a new or existing development, our integrated cost and project management services are fueled by the client’s principal goals. We align our cost and procurement strategies to the individual business objectives of each client. Through this process we are able to add value beyond the bottom line.