Cost Management

Quantus delivers high-quality Quantity Surveying services and Estimating / Tendering services to clients in both the private and public sectors, including contractors and sub-contractors. Our experience shows that it’s most beneficial for clients to involve the Quantity Surveying team as early in the project cycle as possible. Applying strict financial discipline from an early stage will provide opportunity to produce complete and accurate estimates, cost-effective procurement, proactive cost forecasting and cost management. This includes the cost management of design and the efficient close out of contracts at completion. It is through these principles of financial management that Quantus strives to positively impact project outcomes to the benefit of all stakeholders.

The following is a selection of the Quantity Surveying services and Estimating services offered by our firm:

Quantity Surveying Services for Private and Public Sector Clients:

  • Initial cost advice and feasibility studies
  • Budget estimating
  • Project loan monitoring
  • Risk forecasting & mitigation strategies
  • Procurement & contractual advice
  • Advice on contractor selection
  • Preparation of tender and contract documentation
  • Tender analysis, negotiations & selection
  • Tender reports and recommendations
  • Cash flow projections
  • Cost control & reporting during the construction stage
  • Valuing and approval of change orders
  • Valuation of work in progress
  • Payment certification

Quantity Surveying Services / Estimating & Tendering for Building Contractors & Sub-Contractors:

  • Estimating and tendering
  • Preparation and submission of tenders for contractors and sub-contractors
  • Negotiating tenders
  • Valuing and approval of change orders
  • Cost control & reporting during the construction stage
  • Negotiating & agreement of final accounts

Construction & Project Management

Quantus’ Construction and Project Management teams expertly drive construction projects from concept to completion. This process is based on a thorough knowledge of cost management, project planning & scheduling, contract administration and multi-disciplinary coordination. Our firm’s construction and project managers balance the need to meet budget milestones and attain desired quality using an approach that is customized to individual needs.

The following is a selection of the Construction & Project Management services offered by our firm:

Pre-Construction Phase:

  • Coordinating permitting items with municipalities for all approvals until achievement of Building Permit
  • Design development and liaising with Architects, Consultants & Engineers
  • Drawing review & requests for information (RFI’s)
  • Pre-construction tendering
  • Pre-construction meetings with building or trade contractors
  • Risk forecasting & mitigation strategies
  • Preliminary scheduling

Construction Phase:

  • Scopes of work creation for building and trade contractors
  • Tender package creation & administration
  • Trade tendering & pricing follow-ups
  • Trade bid review
  • Tender award & contract negotiations
  • Detailed schedule creation with regular review & updates
  • Regular budgeting review and risk assessment
  • Change order review, negotiation & implementation
  • RFI’s & site instruction review & distribution
  • Coordination with consultants and municipality until achievement of final approval or Occupancy Permit
  • Deficiency and homeowner walk-through procedure
  • Meeting minutes as required

Post-Construction Phase:

  • Project close-out
  • Final budget and project audit for future reference
  • Owner manual coordination

Development Management

Quantus combines our knowledge of design, planning, financing and construction to turn client investments into a reality. As Development Managers, our firm creates value through site viability/ identification, valuation of feasible developments and direction of design and construction. We service our clients through the entire development process, from advising on land, to acquisition, to the development of facilities.

The following is a selection of the Development Management services offered by our firm:

Development Management:

  • Project identification, viability and constructability
  • Development pro forma creation
  • Life-cycle cost modeling, from concept through completion
  • Financing advice and acquisition
  • Construction and overall project schedule review
  • Schedule conflict resolution
  • Project process and delivery
  • Post occupancy project audit

Owner’s Representation

Quantus helps our clients manage the cost, quality and schedule of their projects while navigating the full development process of a projects lifecycle. Our firm acts on behalf of our clients, to create a seamless transition between the project and its stakeholders.

The following is a selection of the Owner’s Representation services offered by our firm:

Representative Services:

  • Client representation
  • Cost consulting and economics
  • Construction risk management
  • Design and construction planning
  • Bid evaluation and contract administration
  • Post-completion resolutions

Crisis Management

Quantus’ Crisis Management team has experience in assisting Clients deal with unexpected events that disrupt their projects and its stakeholders. Three elements are common to a crisis: (a) an event creating stakeholder vulnerability (b) unexpected circumstances and (c) a compressed time of action. Every construction project has its fair share of unexpected surprises; however, it is not uncommon for a crisis to occur that is beyond the capabilities of a contractor or ownership group. Our firm’s knowledge of costs, quality and schedule allow us to pinpoint the stress in any crisis and address it in a timely manner to mitigate any potential loss to the clients.

The following is a selection of the Crisis Management services offered by our firm:

Crisis Management Services:

  • Expert advice and client representation
  • Project finance audit
  • Schedule review
  • Contract review
  • Transition coordination with new consulting or construction parties